Spain’s Best Beaches – Information & Advice

Spain is a beautiful country that experiences a great deal of tourism, and much of it is due to the beach towns and resorts that are found in this beautiful country. The climate in Spain is continually mild, which explains the country’s popularity amongst those who arrive on holiday from northern European regions as well as other cooler climates around the world. Spain has some of the best beach towns and resorts anywhere, and they are the perfect places to relax,107.

One of Spain’s best beach towns is Salou,102. Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it is home to numerous,105, sandy beaches that are speckled with protected coves. Because of the warm,104, mild climate, snorkeling and scuba diving are always available in order to take in the vibrant scenery in the balmy waters. Salou is also popular because of Port Aventura. Thrill seekers will love its roller coasters and other rides. Fiesta Aventura also takes place here. It is the fireworks show and parade that occurs every night in Port Aventura,109. The Salou Promenade is also alluring to tourists as it winds its way along the coastline,102.

Almucar is another beach municipality in Spain,107, and its mild winters and lengthy summers give ample time for activities on any number of its many beaches. Puerta del Mar is Almucar’s most popular beach because it is situated near to the shopping centers and social life. Scuba divers and snorkelers are fond of the coves in the nearby waters because of the dazzling sea life that occupies them. For an exotic touch, some of these coves can be reached only when traveling by boat. Vacationers to Almucar can find thrill rides,105, water slides,108, and hot tub experiences in Aqua Tropic, a local water park.

Barcelona is one of the most well-known cities in Spain,109. National Geographic named it the best beach town in the world, an honor supported by its 2.8 miles of beaches. Some of Barcelona’s beaches were created when buildings were demolished to make room for the 1992 Summer Olympics. Swimming and sunning aren’t the only things Barcelona has to offer, as museums that represent several eras in Spain’s history are open for viewing. Additionally, there are many botanical, urban, and forest parks ready for exploration.

Spain’s climate is perfect for the beach towns and resorts to attract tourists all year. Sightseeing and fun are everywhere you look in these towns. Spain’s best beach towns and resorts provide vacationers with everything they could ask for.

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