Staying Calm While You Are Delivering

Having a baby can be a scary thing especially if this is your first time doing it,105. Many new moms to be often experience what is known as delivery jitters. Hearing people continually telling you to stay calm can get a little nerve wracking so you need to make sure that your surroundings are comfortable and full of positive reinforcements. Be sure to pick and choose only a few people to be in the room with you at any given time,102. This is important in keeping calm and relaxed.

The trained staff is available whenever you need them during your stay,109. The most important people who will become extremely important to you in this time are the mid-wife and the doctor delivering your baby. These people are available to you to help ensure a smooth labor, and most hospitals will allow one family member to be with you in the delivery room to be with you. You will probably want to make sure that everyone who will be in the room with you has a positive attitude.

Many first time mothers will notice early pains of labor,108. Only your doctor can tell if it is true labor or false labor,105. If it is false labor, you will be sent home until actual labor begins.

Your mid-wife may help and give you things to do until the actual labor starts,107. Following these directions can prevent any complications during labor,102. Your doctor will monitor you during labor to ensure everything runs smoothly and there are no complications with you or the baby,107.

While you are in the hospital,104, you will be given care around the clock. When you first arrive at the hospital,109, you will be required to fill out some paperwork and your nurse will start by taking your blood pressure and other vital signs. During your stay and during labor, your vitals will be closely monitored.

In rare cases you may be asked to give a urine sample or a blood sample will be taken. You will undergo a vaginal exam by your nurse or mid-wife and your cervix will be checked. When you start to go into labor, this is known as active labor and this is when baby slowly makes their arrival.

Each woman has different patterns when in labor. Sometimes heart rates of baby can speed up or slow down, and this is why doctors and nurses monitor everything closely.

Even after delivery, your doctor will continue to monitor you to ensure a smooth recovery. When you and baby are released from the hospital, your doctor will give you instructions to follow. It is important to follow these to make sure you have a healthy recovery.

It is very common for mothers to be nervous during this time. It is only natural. Having someone by your side who you care about and love is always a good thing to keep with you.

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