Things You Must Know in Caring For Cats

Cats are valued by almost every human being the world. It is said that cats and humans have been associated for at least 9000+ years. Cats are now the most popular household pet in the world today. Their ability to hunt vermin and other household pests is one of the factors that contribute to their popularity to humans. Another good reason why cats are popular is their ability to communicate,109. Cats use variety of body languages as a means of communication like meowing and purring. Meowing cats may mean that they want food or attention. Purring,102, on the other hand,107, generally shows happiness,107, however this may sometimes indicate that they are ill or in pain. Cats can be found in almost everywhere in the world. They tend to adapt in every situation and condition. In addition to that,102, they tend to breed in a rapid way,109. In fact, 60 million cats can be now found in United States alone,108.

Naturally, cats often hook their claws to surfaces and scratch them backwards. This serves as their territory marks which also provide them a good medium to exercise their legs and sharpen their claws,105. Cat owners will find it beneficial to provide their pets with a cat scratching post. Cat scratching post serves as a diversion to inhibit cats from scratching carpet or furniture which can lead to considerable damage. Although, there are still problems regarding using cat scratching post like the typical carpeting used makes the cat seem confused regarding which surface they can scratch on or where they��re not allowed to. They might have mistaken same surfaces as their scratching post. But there are innovations like using reverse carpeting on scratch post that makes its texture rough thus attracting the cat to scratch on it rather than anywhere else.

Cats tend to bury their waste on the ground not unless trained by owners to specific location or spot to urinate and defecate into. Most domesticated cat owners provide them with cat litter tray,104. As an owner of a pet cat,105, it is essential to keep the litter clean daily depending on the number of pet cats and the kind of litter they may have. Cats may find other locations favorable for them to defecate rather than your litter if it��s not cleaned accordingly. Another thing is that, owners might want to look or monitor their cat��s feces because it usually indicates the health status of the cat. In some instances, cats can be trained to defecate and dispose their litter on their own. Amazingly some cats, if properly trained, are able to use human toilet to eliminate their own litter. Anyhow, cat litter tray might also be essential to other pet owners especially for those starters. Another important thing that owners might consider is the need to have a landfill for disposal.

Having a pet cat is not an easy thing. Managing their waste alone requires a great deal of effort and patience. When considering a cat to be your pet, you must be sure not only to provide them with appropriate foods but you should also take good care of them. Cats can feel affection and can express affection too just like humans. Many cat owners are enjoying their experience because they love their cats as much as they love their own. Have your own pet cat, treat them well and they will be extremely good to you.

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